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Milan Nestarec


„ My name is Milan Nestarec and I would like to tell my story.
A story about our region, family, this magical piece of land and the love which is related to it.“


„ We believe in the magic of our land. We believe in the magic of the sun which shines here. We believe in the winds which blow throught our region. Our vineyards are part of beautiful South Moravia which offers ideal conditions for winemaking. “


„ We believe in our soil, which has been washed by rain and heated by the sun for thousands of years. The result is a soil rich in minerals contribute to the uniqueness of our wine. The work with soil and nature leads to a deep understanding of life. It is not just about materialism, there is a spiritual dimension. “


„ We are persuaded that natural methods of wine-growing and fermentation of grapes leads to the best results. Winemaking is a craft which requires deep moral commitment. There is no place for falseness and every defect has consequences which we need to deal with afterwards. This work gives us the understanding of what nature is, and if we cannot listen and respect it we end up working against ourselves. “


„ Our duty is to creativity, however, our privilege is to get up every morning and have the opportunity to work with the vines and the soil. This is how we make our living, our everyday bread. Therefore we try to treat our soil considerately. “


„ Our family lives in Moravský Žižkov and I am just the second generation that makes wine. My father, Milan Nestarec Sr., started to write the history of our farm in 2001, when the first vineyards were planted. It wouldn't have been possible without his wife, Bozena. Recently, my sister, Lenka, the youngest member of our family started to work with us too. “


„ Our vineyards have 8 hectares and grow 40 thousand plants. We work only by hand to increase the quality. We want to farm without burdening nature, therefore we are mindful of this natural cycle. The protection of vineyards is carried out on biological principles, no herbicides are used. We do not do it for a sticker, but for our conviction. “


„ We farm on vineyard called „Slovenské“ in Moravský Žižkov. “


„ We highly value „ Zadní hora“ in Velké Bílovice. “


„ The vineyard „Vinohrádky“ makes us happy. “


„ We consider our vineyards the body of our farm, but the heart is a cellar. You will find it in Velké Bílovice. It is here we make the three lines of our wine. “


„ Our wines are the expression of grapes grown in the Hanacke Slovacko region and contain a large amount of enthusiasm, resolve, and intuition. Our wine mirrors this region and our point of view, willful but not arrogant. “


„ The wines from our cellar reflect good but also bad personal characteristics of people them helped to made them. They do not wait for compliments or uncritical praise. At the beginning they are closed in but when they feel good they express all their loayality. “


„ The basic line is called MUZIKA (MUSIC). We produce lighter wine for everyday drinking in this line. It is best for refreshment for their freshness and lower alcohol content.

The wine from the KLASIKA (CLASSIC) line ages longer and goes to the bottle at the right time. It is significant for its dual elegance and spiciness.

The ANTIKA (ANTIQUE) line is full-bodied and complex, with the ability to age. It is produced from select grapes and expresses the characteristics of our region significantly. “


„ This is our story. It is written by life, we just try to capture it and bring it to every bottle of our wine. “

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